Middle School Fiction

June 19- 22, 2016 * 9AM – 3PM
COST: $297
Only 4 slots still open!
Location: Arapahoe County Library Admin Building
2855 E Adam Aircraft Circle, Englewood, CO 80112
Capped at 9
“This was such a friendly environment, great learning and awesome people! Working with a writing teacher is important to me because they really have the finesse to help you. I can’t wait for next year!”
Middle School Fiction is perfect for…

…Middle Schoolers! This track was designed specially for younger writers who are still new to the study of writing.

…Writers who spend their free time writing short stories or maybe have even worked on a book.

…Writers who are ready to expand their knowledge of the foundational craft elements (building characters, dialogue, narrative description, scene building, and story arcs).

…Writers who want to work with other kids their age who are passionate about writing, and are ready to share their talents, insights, and enthusiasm. Bring whatever you are working on and together we’ll make it better!

…Young writers who are ready for some serious fun!

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“I learned so many new things to improve my writing and met a lot of new friends with similar interests as me.”

“In this camp, I learned I need to spend more time on details. I get caught up in the story and forget the details like adding emotion to the characters. AMAZING!”