High School Fiction

June 26 – 29, 2017 * 9AM – 3PM
COST: $297
Location: Arapahoe County Library Admin Building
2855 E Adam Aircraft Circle, Englewood, CO 80112
Capped at 9

“I have been so thrilled to have you as my writing teacher. Thank you sincerely for being a positive light. Not only do you keep me enthusiastic about writing but you also have taught me so much about storytelling and writing. I can’t wait until this summer’s workshop.”
High School Fiction is perfect for…

High Schoolers who are working on a book, or have a stack of short stories or flash fiction.

…Writers of any skill level who are ready to improve their understanding of their craft at a college level by studying story structure, scene construction, character development via arcs, interiority and narrative perspective.

…Teens who have or are ready to work in a critique group, whether in school or on their own.

…Teens who want to know more about how to develop their voices as writers, and are curious about sending their work into the world.

…Teens who want to work with other teens passionate about writing, and are willing to share their talents, insights, and enthusiasm with others. Bring whatever you are working on and together we’ll make it better!

…Teen writers who are ready for some serious fun!

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“I had honestly thought that I didn’t have much more to learn…well, that definitely wasn’t true. Trai brought up a lot of things that I had never heard of before, or that I had only a vague impression of. We did things with plot formation, character arcs, and PoVs that were mind-boggling. It wasn’t just larger, general ideas that were new, though–some of the technical, tiny, out-of-sight aspects were really interesting, too.”