Founded in Fort Collins in 2009, the Explorati Teens has staged summer camps, critique groups, film & theater camps, and classes that have brought together 350 teen writers from 6 states, 25 cities and 45 schools.

Over the years, we have offered a camp that integrated tracks in Fiction, Nonfiction, Screenwriting, Poetry, and Playwriting taught by award-winning Colorado writers Victoria Hanley, Amy Kathleen Ryan, Todd Mitchell, and Veronica Patterson.

In 2012, we partnered with the Colorado Film School and Bas Bleu Theatre in Fort Collins for the first ever Explorati Teens Film & Theater Camp. Forty teens learned about Film Acting, Film Production, Stage Acting and Theater Production, and created both a short film and a one-act play.

In 2013, Explorati Teens evolved to respond to the extremely advanced writing talent in the Northern Colorado region. We took a big leap forward, delivering exclusive graduate-level writing classes to teens.

In 2014, Trai Cartwright and Explorati Teens made the move to Denver, bringing along her refined recipe for extraordinary, targeted instruction for writers at every individual level.

Starting in 2015, we have partnered with the remarkable Arapahoe Library District. Our classes will be held again this year at the high tech Administration Building in south Denver, and Explorati Teens is proud to offer a scholarship to each track for a member of their Teen Ink program.

Sponsorship like Arapahoe Library’s allows us to offer an additional scholarship for each track to the public. For more information, see the Registration Page.

Our tracks this year:

Middle School Fiction, which is designed exclusively for our younger writers who love to write, but are new to the study of it.

High School Fiction is for older writer ready to expand their skills by studying their craft intensely.

Our smaller classes (every track is capped at 12 students) and teaching one track at a time ensures a comprehensive, fluid, and dynamic learning environment, plus plenty of community-building among the writers.

Explorati Teens’ track record proves that improving literacy and imagination is not just fun, it makes a positive impact on all learning.

Many Explorati Teen Writers are still at work storytelling, even as the first Teens begin to graduate college and move into the professional world. Attendees of all ages have formed their own writer critique groups to workshop their stories, many have published short stories and poems. One finances her travels abroad with her short fiction, two have published their books, and two others are talking to agents about their manuscripts.

We continue to receive emails from former Explorati Teens sharing their adventures in the world. This is perhaps the greatest part of running our program: we know the impact we make because they continue to share their lives with us.