Explorati Teen Writers Boot Camp thanks the wonderful young writers of Colorado for 10 amazing years!
We are not running a camp in the summer of 2018, but we'll see you again in 2019.

Founded in Fort Collins in 2009, the Explorati Teens staged summer camps, critique groups, film & theater camps, and classes that brought together 375 teen writers from 6 states, 25 cities and 45 schools. Over 30 students attended on scholarships sponsored by local philanthrophists and non-profit organizations.

We offered a camp that integrated tracks in Fiction, Nonfiction, Screenwriting, Poetry, and Playwriting taught by award-winning Colorado writers Victoria Hanley, Amy Kathleen Ryan, Todd Mitchell, and Veronica Patterson.

In 2012, we partnered with the Colorado Film School and Bas Bleu Theatre in Fort Collins for the first ever Explorati Teens Film & Theater Camp. Forty teens learned about Film Acting, Film Production, Stage Acting and Theater Production, and created both a short film and a one-act play.

In 2013, Explorati Teens evolved to respond to the extremely advanced writing talent in the Northern Colorado region. We took a big leap forward, delivering exclusive graduate-level writing classes to teens.

In 2014, founder Trai Cartwright made the move to Denver, bringing along her refined recipe for extraordinary, targeted instruction for writers at every individual level. Starting in 2015, we partnered with the remarkable Arapahoe Library District.

Our smaller classes (every track was capped at 12 students) and teaching one track at a time ensured a comprehensive, fluid, and dynamic learning environment, plus plenty of community-building among the writers.

Explorati Teens' track record proves that improving literacy and imagination is not just fun, it makes a positive impact on all learning.

Many Explorati Teen Writers are still at work storytelling, even as the first Teens have graduated college and work in the professional world. Attendees of all ages have formed their own writer critique groups to workshop their stories, many have published short stories and poems. One finances her travels abroad with her short fiction, two have published their books, and two others are talking to agents about their manuscripts.

We continue to receive emails from former Explorati Teens sharing their adventures in the world. This is perhaps the greatest part of running our program: we know the impact we make because they continue to share their lives with us.

Instructor & Founder
Trai Cartwright, MFA

Trai Cartwright has been teaching creative writing and screenwriting to teens for over a decade.

As Founder and Executive Director of Explorati Teens, Trai delivers the classes she wishes she'd had access to as a teen writer!

Trai is a professor of Creative Writing, Screenwriting, and Film Studies at the Colorado Film School, UNC, several community colleges, and the Poudre River Library in Fort Collins. She has presented at dozens of writers conferences and conducts workshops for various writing and community organizations as well as at MFA residencies.

As an editor and story consultant, she has worked one-on-one with over one hundred writers to develop their manuscripts, several of which have gone on to publish.

Prior to becomming a college professor and editor, Trai worked for over twenty years in the entertainment industry. She began studying story as a Hollywood Development Executive, working with thousands of screenwriters to improve their skills. While living in Los Angeles, Trai optioned four screenplays of her own, produced three independent films, was assistant director of Leonardo DiCaprio's online ventures, and worked for major feature film studios 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, and HBO.

She also discovered one of her great pleasures: mentoring teen screenwriters. She volunteered for the Scriptwriter's Network for six years; today, a number of her former students work in the entertainment industry as actors and filmmakers.

Upon returing to Colorado, she got her MFA in Fiction and Screenwriting from the University of California, Riverside, and is happily at work on a YA Contemporary Fantasy.

Trai is proud of her role in bringing unique, high level arts and literacy programs to Northern Colorado youths. And she is thrilled to bring Explorati Teens to Denver teens!

Her website is www.traicartwright.com.